Financial Information
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The Consortium activities have been supported through the initial contributions of $20,000 from each of the six original member hospitals, and annual dues of $15,000 per transplant program offered at their institution.This is in addition to grants from five community foundations. The Cleveland Foundation awarded the Consortium a three-year grant of $102,500; the Columbus Foundation awarded a three-year grant of $51,250; the Greater Cincinnati Foundation contributed a three-year grant of $21,000; the Robert W. Reakirt Foundation contributed a one-year grant of $7,000; and the Toledo Community Foundation awarded a three-year grant of $51,250.

Seed monies were donated from the following five foundations:

  1. Cincinnati Foundation, The
  2. GreaterCleveland Foundation, The
  3. Columbus Foundation, The
  4. Toledo Community Foundation
  5. Robert H. Reakirt Foundation, The

Ongoing support for the OSOTC is through annual membership dues from each of its member institutions.

The following goals have been identified to assist the OSOTC in achieving it's Mission

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