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The OSOTC consists of many standing committees that carry out the responsibilities of the organization as specified by the Ohio Extra-Renal Organ Transplantation Rule in Ohio Revised Code 3701-84-16 through 3701-84-23 and as set forth by the Cooperative Agreement.

Chemical Dependency Committee

The Chemical Dependency Committee consists of at least one representative from each of the member hospitals. The tasks of this committee are to monitor and evaluate the screening guidelines for individuals with organ failure who present with a secondary diagnosis of chemical dependency.

Elizabeth Hooley, LISW
Ean Pokryfky, LISW
Cleveland Clinic
Laura Newman , LISW
Megan Newman, LISW
The Ohio State University Medical Center
Lynn Swartz, LISW
Stefanie Szarka, LISW
University Hospital of Cincinnati
Jessica Rockwell, LISW
Amy Eliason, LISW
University Hospitals Case Medical Center
OpenCincinnati Children's Medical Center
OpenNationwide Children's Hospital
Dolores Christie, PhDEthicist
Mark Hurst, MD
Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
Cushion Fund/Research Grant Committee

The Cushion Fund/Research Grant Committee consists of the OSOTC’s Executive Committee and was originally created to guarantee access to care for individuals who were either uninsured or under-insured and later the fund’s purpose was changed to assisting patients in paying for non-reimbursable medical expenses and medication. Currently, monies from the Cushion Fund may also be designated to support Board approved research grants. This research initiative is intended to identify and establish new or novel projects that focus on supporting collaborative research projects focusing on heart, lung, heart-lung, liver, pancreas, pancreas/kidney or small bowel transplantation in Ohio with the ultimate goal of improving public health. Kidney-only focused projects will not be considered.

Organ Procurement Organization Committee
Gordon Bowen, Chief Executive OfficerLifeBanc
Barry Massa, Executive DirectorLifeCenter Organ Donor Network
Kent Holloway, Chief Executive OfficerLifeline of Ohio
Matt Wadsworth, Chief Executive OfficerLife Connection of Ohio
Program Peer Review Committee

The Program Peer Review Committee consists of a representative from each member hospital and a representative from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH). This committee has the responsibility of conducting the annual program peer review to ensure that each member institution and each program continues to meet the standards necessary for entry into the Consortium, and maintains an acceptable survival rate as prescribed by OSOTC standards. In addition, the committee reviews the Consortium’s data in aggregate, focusing specifically on such factors as patient survival rates, transplant volume, and length of stay for the transplant hospitalization.

Charles Miller, MDThe Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Greg Tiao, MDCincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Deipanjan Nandi, MDNationwide Children's Hospital
Todd Pesavento, MDThe Ohio State University Medical Center
E. Steve Woodle, MDUniversity Hospital of Cincinnati
Edmund Sanchez, MDUniversity Hospitals Case Medical Center
Debra WalshOhio Department of Health
Pediatric Heart Program Review Committee

The Pediatric Heart Program Review Committee conducts the statewide review in the spring of each year by performing case-by-case reviews. Rather than relying on statistical measures to evaluate the quality of each individual program, due to the low volume of pediatric heart transplants performed statewide, each patient’s care is discussed individually.

Gerard Boyle, MDThe Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Robert Stewart, MDThe Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Clifford Chin, MDCincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Deipanjan Nandi, MDNationwide Children's Hospital
Debra WalshOhio Department of Health
Organ Specific Patient Selection Committees

The Patient Selection Committees, one for each separate organ, consists of a representative from each of the hospitals, a representative from the Ohio Department of Health, an ethicist, and an attorney. The Patient Selection Committee establishes policy that is consistent with both the principles of the Consortium and the requirements of United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) for patient selection. The committees also review proposed amendments to policy changes regarding the selection process for each of the organ-specific subcommittees.

Transplant Administrator Committee

The Transplant Administrator Committee consists of a representative from each of the member hospitals and is charged with the responsibility of providing information regarding UNOS and CMS compliance issues and other management issues as they arise.

Renee BennettThe Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Jason HuffCincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Steven SalesNationwide Children's Hospital
Laura StillionThe Ohio State University Medical Center
Corey KingUniversity Hospital of Cincinnati
Adam BeachUniversity Hospitals Case Medical Center

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